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Wallpaper Trends

Wallpaper Trends and Tips: Elevate Your Interior Décor with Decorwise

Wallpaper can significantly enhance the aesthetics of your home or workplace, creating striking visual impact and bringing character to any room. With a diverse range of colours, patterns, textures, and materials available, there are endless possibilities to achieve the desired interior décor style. With over 45 years of experience providing residential and commercial painting and decorating services in London, we understand the transformative power of wallpaper in shaping space and elevating the overall design.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the exciting world of wallpaper, showcasing the latest trends and offering invaluable tips for choosing the right wallpaper for your space. We will also explore the different wallpaper materials, as well as guidance on how to coordinate your wallpaper with your existing interior design seamlessly.

Whether you’re looking to create an eye-catching feature wall or seeking a sophisticated backdrop for your furnishings, our insights will provide a comprehensive understanding of the wallpaper selection process.

Exploring Current Wallpaper Trends

As the world of wallpaper constantly evolves, staying abreast of current trends can help you create a fresh and stylish interior. Some of the most popular trends you may want to consider include:

1. Botanical prints: Florals and foliage patterns continue to be interior design favourites. These natural motifs bring a touch of the outdoors in, promoting calmness and relaxation.

2. Geometric patterns: Bold geometric prints instantly draw attention and make a statement. From hexagons to intricate tessellations, geometric designs can add a contemporary edge to your space.

3. Textured wallpapers: Adding texture to your walls introduces depth and dimension. Consider grasscloth, embossed, or flock wallpapers to create visual interest and tactile appeal.

4. Wall murals: Create a striking focal point with a large-scale wall mural, which can depict anything from cityscapes to abstract art. A mural can completely transform a room and add an artistic touch to your interior.

Choosing the Right Wallpaper Material

Wallpapers come in various materials, each with its own unique qualities and characteristics. Here’s a brief overview of some common options:

1. Vinyl: Durable, easy to clean, and resistant to moisture, vinyl wallpapers are suitable for high-traffic and humid areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

2. Non-woven: Combining the benefits of both vinyl and paper, non-woven wallpapers are easy to install, durable, and environmentally friendly.

3. Textile: Made from natural or synthetic fibres, textile wallpapers offer a luxurious feel and appearance but may require professional installation and more careful maintenance.

4. Traditional paper: While less durable than other materials, traditional paper wallpapers offer a vast array of designs and colours, making them a popular choice for homeowners seeking variety.

Consider the location, usage, and maintenance requirements of your space when selecting a wallpaper material to ensure its longevity and suitability.

Coordinating Wallpaper with Your Interior Design

To create a harmonious and cohesive interior, it’s essential to coordinate your wallpaper choices with the overall design scheme. Here are some tips to help you achieve a well-integrated look:

1. Colour palette: Choose wallpaper colours that complement your existing furnishings, textiles, and paint colours. Alternatively, use your wallpaper as the starting point for developing a unified colour scheme.

2. Patterns and motifs: Balance the scale of patterns and motifs between your wallpaper and other design elements, avoiding clashing or competing themes. For instance, if you have highly-patterned upholstery or bedding, opt for a more subtle wallpaper design.

3. Room size and purpose: Consider the size and function of the room when choosing your wallpaper. Smaller spaces may benefit from lighter colours and delicate patterns, while more expansive rooms can accommodate bolder designs.

4. Placement: Decide whether you want a captivating feature wall or full-room coverage, and adjust your design choices accordingly. Also, consider the impact of wallpaper placement on the room’s balance and visual weight.

Expert Tips for Wallpaper Installation and Maintenance

To ensure the best possible outcome for your wallpaper project, consider the following expert tips:

1. Hire professionals: While wallpapering can be a DIY project, hiring experienced professionals like Decorwise can guarantee excellent results and save you time and frustration.

2. Surface preparation: Ensure your walls are clean, dry, and smooth before applying wallpaper. This may include repairing any imperfections, priming the surface, and applying a suitable lining paper.

3. Pattern matching: Pay attention to pattern repeats and ensure your wallpaper strips align correctly for seamless transitions between panels.

4. Care and maintenance: Follow the care instructions specific to your chosen wallpaper material. In general, regular dusting and gentle cleaning with a damp cloth will help maintain your wallpaper’s appearance.

Elevate Your Interior Décor with Wallpaper

By exploring current trends, selecting the right material, coordinating with your interior design, and ensuring expert installation and maintenance, wallpaper can elevate your décor and make a lasting impression in any space. With endless styles and applications, wallpaper offers unlimited potential for creating a unique, sophisticated, and visually intriguing interior.

Let Decorwise support you in transforming your residential or commercial space with our extensive experience and specialist expertise in wallpaper selection and application. Together, we can bring your vision to life, curating an interior that exudes style, character, and elegance through the power of wallpaper. Contact our residential painters and decorators today for a free quote!

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